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No inappropriate content

No illegal content

Be friendly towards others (no hate speech)

No advertising / Spamming

No impersonation

Server is PG-13 (no swearing)

Staff decisions are final, no matter if something contradictory is listed here

Use common sense


No cheating

No exploit / bug abuse

No trading items for anything outside SpasboyMC (IRL money, objects, …)

Scamming for items and TP-traps are allowed

No rank scamming (applies to any SpasboyMC store item)


Respect TOS

Use channels for what they were made for

No screaming / voice changers

Network-wide rules:

(These rules apply everywhere: in discord and in-game)

No inappropriate/NSFW content - people don’t want to see that kind of content

No inappropriate names/nicknames, statuses, or profile pictures – Also pretty self-explanatory, we want to keep the server open to as many people as we can (including minors over the age of 13), so for the things that can’t be locked to a channel, let’s keep it clean.

No illegal content – This should really go without saying, as it’s literally even beyond ToS, but just like the minors under 13 we want to make it as clear as possible: we don’t condone illegal activity or content on this server.

No sexism, racism, hate speech, etc. – Another one that should go without saying. We’re a community server, and we’re open to everyone, so let’s keep hate out of the server.

member poaching – Harassing members in any way is absolutely not acceptable, especially if it impacts the community as a whole. If you as a member feel like you are being targeted by another member/members, don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff team using a ticket. 

No promoting without permission. If you want to promote yourself, a server you run, your streams, etc., please reach out to us so we can determine how/where you may be able to do so.

No using bugs, exploits, self bots, etc. – This is also largely covered by discord’s ToS, but don’t use these kinds of things for anything against the server or its members. This applies to discord and to the Minecraft server.

No spamming/excessive caps/etc. – To be frank, most people don’t want to deal with slews of messages or ones covered in all caps. It’s just a lot to process, and it’s not easy on the eyes. 

You can use them (caps, not spamming) for emphasis, but please don’t have it be the way you normally type.

No impersonating other members – It’s confusing and is usually used to impersonate mods, so to remove ambiguity we’re just saying don’t do it at all. Be yourself! Or if you don’t want to be yourself because it’s the internet, at least be someone that doesn’t already exist.

No toxicity or fighting – We want an environment where people are comfortable, so drama between members that can be avoided should be. That isn’t to say that you can’t disagree with people, just keep it civil and don’t be toxic about it.

Staff decisions are final – That isn’t to say that moderators are always right, but if a moderator makes a ruling on something, don’t fight them on it. Moderation isn’t easy, and we have a whole team of them so if one of them makes a mistake or treats someone unfairly, we have the rest of them to correct it. Additionally, the staff team has to make decisions about which players may be disruptive to the community. Players can be banned from accessing the SpasboyMC Network at any time and for any reason.

Use common sense – If it’s not explicitly listed here, but it seems like something that shouldn’t be allowed, don’t do it, or at least ask a mod. Just because a loophole exists doesn’t mean it’s okay to abuse it. You all know who you are. Just bring it to our attention if it seems like something that needs adding, and otherwise, please chill.

These rules will change over time, stay up to date with the changes periodically.

Minecraft Rules:

No cheating and/or hacking – This is already partially covered by Network-wide rule #6 but we want to make sure it is super clear. Any cheat, unauthorized mod or unfair advantage is bannable.

No exploit / bug abuse – Upon finding bugs, you are required to immediately report it using the ticket system. Using the bug to your advantage will lead to a punishment and so will knowingly leaving the bug unreported.

No alts to boost one account. You are allowed a max of 3 accounts on the network, but you cannot have more than one on at a time. Alternatively if one account is banned you are not allowed to access the network on another account.

No trading items for anything outside SpasboyMC – This is a very specific rule so read it well. 

No in-game items, ranks, keys or services can be provided in exchange for: 1. IRL currency or items, 2. virtual currencies or virtual items unrelated to SpasboyMC. That does not mean that you cannot exchange keys, ranks, etc. for in-game items, just IRL money and other items outside SpasboyMC. To make this rule clearer, here are some examples:

Trading keys in exchange for IRL money is bannable.

Trading base coordinates for IRL money is bannable

Trading in-game items for items/skins in another game is bannable

Trading ranks, keys, etc. in exchange for in-game items is allowed

Gifting someone a rank as a present with no strings attached is allowed

In-game scamming is allowed – Although not very nice, scamming players for in-game items is 
permitted. This includes TP-trapping and running away with items without paying the coins/items you promised.

No rank scamming – If you choose to buy someone a rank (or any other SpasboyMC Store item) in-exchange for items or services you MUST follow through with it once they provide the items/services. Otherwise, all items/services must be fully refunded immediately, without staff intervention. A player who can prove they were scammed with the promise of a SpasboyMC store purchase, will be refunded their items and the scammer banned. Disclaimer: you will not receive the SpasboyMC Store item that you were scammed for.

Certain gamemodes may have some separate rules ingame, please also follow those!

Discord Rules:

No minors under the age of 13 – This isn’t even a SpasboyMC rule, it’s from discord’s ToS! That said, we’re making it an explicit rule for the server to make it absolutely clear: we don’t want people breaking ToS in the server at all (for obvious reasons), this one included.

No off-topic messages in text channels – We have gone to great lengths to make each user’s experience as customizable as possible, so please keep our organizational system running smoothly and keep things where they go.

No screaming & voice changers in VC – This just makes the experience terrible for everyone, don’t do it unless authorized by a moderator.


To avoid confusion, this is a PG-13 server! That means keep swearing to a minimum!

We want this to be a safe community for everyone ????


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